Venezuela’s ambassador to Italy quits submit saying US sanctions have diminished him to poverty – The Telegraph

An estimated three million people have fled Venezuela since 2015 and should be considered refugees, according to the United Nations.

Ambassadors short on cash 

And while Mr Rodriguez is the first ambassador to resign over the funding crisis, he is far from the first diplomat to be suffering as a result of Venezuela’s economic collapse.

Venezuela’s ambassador to Haiti, Luis Diaz Curbelo, wrote to the foreign minister, Jorge Arreaza last September, complaining that his embassy was so short on funds they were unable to pay rent, electricity, telephone bills, internet, water, gas, security, taxes, insurances, maintenance of vehicles and fuel, and even vets’ bills.

He said they had no means to feed the guard dogs in the compound.

Mr Curbelo told Mr Arreaza that he had convinced the landlord to grant them an extension until mid June, but then they would be forced out.

“The ceiling of the official residence is falling down,” he wrote.

“I am writing to discuss how to pay the bills that we have for 2018, without even considering those of 2016 and 2017.”

A diplomat inside the Venezuelan embassy in Madrid reported that the staff had been left for 90 days without pay, Venepress reported.

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